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Sport as Therapy

Using sport psychology tools for children with ADHD, emotional & social issues


The Sport Psychology Center works with children and youth who are having difficulties with limits,  adjustment issues, social issues, or just coping with everyday pressures and fears. Our model is based on sport psychology tools and techniques that help athletes cope with the pressures of peak performance. We believe in going with the strengths of the child and working with him / her in an exciting and healthy “sport” environment. The individual meetings take place with our highly experienced mental trainers.

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We provide a supportive relationship in a safe place with young and dynamic mental trainers, each of whom receives supervision on his work.

Lucky Leo ebook

To the reader:
The purpose of writing Lucky Leo was to introduce basic  psychology concepts to young children. Children encounter many stressors in daily life and, just as adults, need tools to cope. At the Sport Psychology Center we work with children using sport as a tool. The following sport psychology concepts are embedded in the story and provide opportunities for discussion:


  • Believing in oneself and one's goal even if others are not supportive

  • Visualizing positive images in order to relax and stay positive

  • Talking about problems helps you feel better





"My son started working with  Nadav as he loves sports and this was a way I could get him to see someone. Not only did he love Nadav, but once a month, my husband and I would meet with Nadav to change the things we needed to change."This model really works..."



“I was shocked at how quickly my son connected to Nadav and couldn't wait for their meetings. His improvment was amazing, and in a relatively short time."


Kfar Saba

"My son had social issues and low self esteem. He has been meeting with Daniel and it has been a positive experience for him. I recommend highly this type of treatment for anyone who doesn't want to send their adolescent to a clinical psychologist.



"My daughter is 7 years old and has problems with other kids, problems with anger and it is very hard for her to accept limits. She has been working with Shachar for about 4 months and she is in a totally different place than she was when she started. Shachar is magic!"

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