Year long courses for sport psychologists and coaches
The course starts May 2021

The Sport Psychology Center will open its twelfth yearly course and invites you to join this exciting and new field. The course will focus on the issues athletes face when competing in "real" time and the tools we give them to manage the stress. 

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Mental strength


You can choose one of the two following options:

Option #1 - with practicum   192 hours

  • 33 meetings

  • 60 hours practicum 

  • Supervision on your field work

  • Professional manual for your field work


Target Population

People who are interested in working as mental trainers with athletes.  The people who successfully finish the practicum will be candidates to work with the Sport Psychology Center in the future.



Those who fulfill the requirements of the course will receive a mental training certificate from the Sport Psychology Center.


Students talk about the course:
Option #2 - without practicum   132 hours 
  • 33 meetings


Target Population

Athletes, professional coaches who want to better understand the mental aspects of the sport and learn tools to help thier athletes both as teams and individually, and all others that have passion to sport.



Those who fulfill the requirements of the course will recieve a mental training certificate from the Sport Psychology Center.



About the Course

The course emphasizes the practical aspects of Sport Psychology and uses videos, case studies, simulations, guest speakers and activities within the lectures.


The course lasts three semesters (10 months). The classes combine theoretical knowledge with case studies, a combination of practical workshops, simulations and videos, as well as the latest tools and methods in the field today. The first semester is focused on the basics of sport psychology, acquiring practical tools and skills. The second and third semesters are devoted to the application of the principles, case studies and the acquisition of advanced tools. Participants in the practicum track will participate in field work during the second semester.


* Graduates of the practicum track will be able to  work at the Sport Psychology Center  on the basis of criteria determined by the Center.


Some of the topics studied:

Work opportunities after the course


The Excellence Project in Sport

Mental Training for  Athletes

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